SDC Stone Plus 

Limited is an exporter of granite, marble and slate products for construction, plus products for kitchen and bathroom. It owes its success from its former sister company, SDC Company, which is first established in 1996 in Hong Kong. We have been focusing in fabricating granite products specifically for export. Our factory equipted with appropriate and adequate machineries together with skill labors in Xiamen of Fujian Province in China, we are capable to supply quality products in different sectors.   After years of unremitting endeavor, we have acquired our stabled and long-term customer base in the United States, Europe, Australia and South East Asia. We are keen in fabricating custom designed products. Through experience, we gain immense knowledge and thorough understanding on various countries technical requirements; we are comfortable to work to your satisfaction.

Our goal : 

develop long term customers 

generate mutual profitable business. 

Strategy is to gear up quality control, reinforce punctual delivery, offer honest transaction at reasonable price, provide good service at a timely manner and build up credibility.

Target Industry

1、Building Supply  

External & internal Wall cladding, window sill, lobby flooring, reception counter, granite lift shaft. 

Kerbstone, paving stone, column, quion, wall cap, pillar. 

2、Hotel & Residential 

Kitchen countertops, vanity tops, tub/shower surround, lobby flooring tiles, lift panels, registration counter, bar tables and dimensional slabs. 

Supplementary products : china bowls, stainless steel sink, towel holder, tissue cabinet, recess paper holders, grab bars etc.

Our Strength

1、Customer focus 

Add supplementary products such as bathroom accessories, china Bowl, stainless steel sink etc to convenient customer. 

Reduce freight cost by combining heavy granite with light supplementary goods. 

2、Project oriented 

Packed vanity/kitchen tops according to different floor or units to enable more efficient installtion whenever appropriate. 

Number different granite pieces of kitchen tops to make sure each set has similar color and pattern matching. 

Precise crate label to show what is inside. 

Clear packing list to tell what has been shipped. 

Entertain speical packing. 

3、Tier quality control 

Each production plant has its QC inspectors, in additional SDC Recruit, independent team of QC to check every shipment before crating. 

4、Punctual delivery 

5、Stable quality 

6、Good production management 

7、Safe packing 

8、Resonable price 

9、Prompt response to customer query and ROQ

    Factory Address:
    South ChengGong Road,
    Shijing Town, Nan An City,
    Fujian PC : 362343, China

    Show Room & Logistic Office:
    9/F, Graniteandmore Bldg,
    South ChengGong Road,
    Shijing Town, Nan An City,
    Fujian PC : 362343, China